Clothing Styling Guide

I'm often asked, "What should we wear at our portrait session?" Good question! And I'm happy to answer that!

Many things can play a factor in what you should wear, i.e. the season, the location, the weather, etc. But the most important things to remember when styling your family is to coordinate the color schemes (don't wear matchy matchy exact outfits), dress comfortably, wear layers (if it's not too hot outside), and wear pops of color. These basic "rules" will result in beautifully coordinated portraits of your family!

I've put together a few color templates for each season that are good to go by when choosing the colors of your clothing. I also recommend Mamas and girls wear flowy dresses or jumpsuits as they look lovely and are comfortable. Little boys are adorable in rompers or suspenders. And I'd dress the Fathers and big boys in nice slacks or shorts and classic tops. Accessories like hats, scarves (for winter), etc are always nice compliments. 

I've also included a few inspirational images from my gallery of families displaying these styling suggestions. is also a great resource for how to coordinate your family's attire.